Lyrics 歌詞 :

I'm not a rapper, I'm a singer with a flow
我不是饒舌歌手 只是歌詞長如流水
I've got a habit for spitting quicker lyrics, you know
你知道的 我總習慣快速的唱過
You'll find me ripping the writings out of the pages they sit in
I never want to get bitten cause plagiarism is hidden
我不想被抄襲 但瓢竊者總是蠢蠢欲動
Watch how I sit on the rhythm, prisoner with the vision
Signed to a label but didn't listen to any criticism
Thought you knew but you didn't, so perk your ears up and listen
你以為這樣就行了嗎 張開耳朵聽清楚
The studio is a system and you could say that I'm driven
And now it's onto the next saga, we drink the best lager
我們喝著上等啤酒這種瑣事 我也能譜成曲
I'll never try to win you over like your stepfather
I'll do my own thing now and get respect after
做我自己 也能贏得民心
And I'm avoiding the 'Caine like it was Get Carter
For four years I never had a place to stay
But it's safe to say that it kept me grounded like a paperweight
At 16 years old, I moved out of my home
I was Macy Gray, I tried to say goodbye and I choked
道別時 哽咽地連再見都說不出口
And went from sleeping at a subway station to
Sleeping with a movie star and adding to the population
Not my imagination, I don't wanna relax
別以為是我幻想 我興奮得不能放鬆
Would it hurt your reputation if I put it on wax?
我若將這故事寫成一首歌 會不會毀了你的名聲
I'll take it back now


Come on and take it back love
Come on and take it back for us
Don't you fade into the back, love


I take it back with the rhythm and blues
With my rap pack I'll be singing the news
Tryna act like Jack Black when I bring it to school
小時候曾假裝自己是Jack Black 秀給其他人看
I'll make a beat with my feet by just hitting a loop
Bringing the lyrics to prove that I can fit in these shoes
I'll give you the truth through the vocal booth
And stars burst out on the scene like an Opal Fruit
They try to take aim like Beckham when he goes to shoot
But then again that's what they're supposed to do
And I'm supposed to be calm, I tattooed the lyrics onto my arm
我該保持冷靜 把歌詞刺上手臂
Whispering, "Everything that happens is from now on."
I'll be ready to start again by the end of the song
And still they're claiming that I handle it wrong
But then I've never had an enemy except the NME
但除了NME雜誌 我從來沒有對手
But I'll be selling twice as many copies as their magazines'll ever be
With all these spectacles ahead of me and festival fees
Are healthier than a dalmatian on Pedigree
放心 我會保有健康的身體
Singing for the masses, rubber dinghy rapids
要為所有人而唱 這是最值得的
I keep this rapping a habit and keep on fashioning magic
我還是習慣饒舌 但我會不斷進步
I'm battling for respect, I don't know if I'll have it
我要爭取一點尊重 雖然不一定會得到
This song's from the heart, covered the planet
寫這首是發自我內心的 而且即將風靡全球
I'll take it back now


Come on and take it back love
Come on and take it back for us
Don't you fade into the back, love


Now I don't ever wanna be perfect
Cause I'm a singer that you never wanna see shirtless
And I accept the fact that someone's gotta win worst-dressed
Taking my first steps into the scene, giving me focus
因為受眾人矚目 我必須專注
Putting on a brave face like Timothy Dalton
勇敢的像是Timothy Dalton
Considering a name change, thinking it was hopeless
本想換個藝名 但這似乎沒用處
Rhyming over recordings, avoiding tradition
寫了一些押韻的歌 但還是得創新
Cause every day some lyrics and a melody could be written
每天都寫了些歌詞 或是些能成為歌曲的旋律
Now absence can make your heart ache
But drinking Absinthe can change your mind state vividly
Need to let my liver be
And I'll say it again
Living life on the edge with a closed hand full of friends
生活中滿是朋友 卻沒一個真正熟
It's good advice from the man who took his life on the road with me
And I hope to see him blowing up globally
Cause that's how it's supposed to be, I'm screaming out vocally
因為那是他應得的 我會為他歡呼的
It might seem totally impossible achieving life's dreams
看起來似乎很難實現 因為生活就像是場夢
But, but I just write schemes
I'm never having a stylist giving me tight jeans
Madison Square Garden is where I might be
But more likely you'll find me in the back room of a dive bar with my mates
Having a pint of McDaid's, discussing records we made
喝一堆酒 討論我們一起作的專輯
And every single second knowing that we'll never betray
The way we were raised, remembering our background, sat down
我們不只是酒肉朋友 我們了解彼此
That's how we plan it out, it's time to take it back now
這就是我們的計畫 也是時候了 我收回這些話

Come on and take it back love
Come on and take it back for us
Don't you fade into the back, love

My dreams keep me awake at night, written in rhyme
Till I deliver the hype, am I just living a lie?
直到宣傳期 才有真正活著的感覺
With this you must know that the numbers just sold
Will keep me going through the tough times, dream with me
那些利潤足夠我度過這些困境 所以和我一起做夢吧
We forget 90% of it when we wake
人們總在睡醒後 忘了夢見什麼
But the other 10%, it never fades
但潛意識裡 那些夢還是存在的
Dreaming dreams of day-to-day goals, stay awake loads
那些夢就像目標 我總是想著要去實現
Tried to make the cut like the paper with a razor blade
Never give up, just remember just to hold out more
永不放棄 並抓住更多夢想
A couple years ago I couldn't just control that thought
You'd find me busking on the street when it was cold outdoors
Now I'm sweating on the stage of a sold-out tour
Writing love songs for the sake of it, never to make a hit
為了專輯寫一堆情歌 但不願談戀愛
You can't fake talent and work ethic just to make it quick
成功沒有捷徑 你不該假裝自己很有才華 這樣很沒職業道德
I'm not a rapper, I'm a singer, I just take the piss
我不是饒舌歌手 我只是個我行我素的歌手
And most of these other guys are kids that pose
所有人幾乎都是相同模式 全是一個樣子
His little sister has to babysit, that's just the way it is
命運怎麼安排 他們就怎麼做
Dreams are your own, just set your goals and have the upmost faith in it
你有自己的夢想 設定目標並相信自己能達成
Tread your own path, you'll never make it as a follower
你得找到自己的方向 一味模仿永遠不會成功
You'll never know where you will go or you will be tomorrow


Footnote 註解 :

1) Get Carter(復仇威龍)是Michael Caine(米高肯恩)主演的英國電影,主角是個黑幫份子。

2) Macy Gray - I Try

I try to say goodbye and I choke, I try to walk away and I stumble.(想說再見卻哽咽,想離開但步履蹣跚)

3) Jack Black(傑克布萊克)是一位電影喜劇演員,也是歌手。

4) Opal Fruit是美國的水果軟糖品牌。

5) David Beckham(大衛貝克漢)是一位退役英國足球員。

6) NEM雜誌是英國知名音樂周刊。

7) Pedigree(寶路)是寵物用品的品牌。

8) Rubber dinghy rapids出自電影4 Lions(四個傻瓜),主角認為在遊樂園玩滑水道就是天堂樂事。

9) Timothy Dalton(提摩西達頓)是一位英國演員,曾演過James Bond(詹姆斯龐德)。

10) Absinthe(苦艾酒)是一種茴香味的烈酒,酒精濃度頗高。

11) Madison Square Garden(麥迪遜廣場花園)是美國紐約的著名體育場,也是許多大型體育比賽、演唱會和政治活動的舉辦地。

12) McDaid's是一間連鎖酒吧,發源於愛爾蘭。


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